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written by: Amani Meliyah
produced by: Grace B Poppe, Wolf CR, Dumarck Barlatier

ROOFTOP JESUS is a short film portraying the surreal nightmares of protagonist Lena as she questions the role of allyship in black liberation. The film asks: what or who must be sacrificed for our collective salvation? 


A cautionary tale for the arts community, the film reveals that the best intentions can cause harm without careful consideration. 

Yet most importantly, ROOFTOP JESUS is a film for the black, brown, queer, and femme communities at the center of the story. 

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written by: Phil Hawkins
produced by: Phil Hawkins

In the not-so-distant future, one man decides to leave behind his life on Earth to live amongst the stars.


playwright: Parade Stone
musical composer: Sequoia Sellinger

Sydney, a progressive, young African American woman and aspiring politician, is given a contentious job offer; working on the campaign team of a Republican senator. During days of debating whether to accept or reject the position, Sydney experiences apparitions of 1950s housewives, 1990s liberals who embody white feminism, and 2000s wellness blog-writing “girl bosses.” As the ghosts of problematic feminism’s past and present attempt to coerce Sydney into taking the job, her reality and subconscious blur.

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